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Could you go undercover for the CIA?, Marie Claire, December 2002

Would inventing a brand-new identity — looks, mannerisms, even your past — really change who you are, or how you think of  yourself?



The Making of a Student ActivistThe New York Times Magazine, November 11, 2001

In many ways, Ryan Nuckel is a typical student activist: he doesn’t take drugs, he rarely drinks, and he is fueled by a nagging anger over the fact that there are haves and have-nots, oppressors and the oppressed.



How to Write a Hit Song, New York Times Magazine, April 11, 2001

Questions for Denise Rich.  The songwriting socialite and muse in Clinton’s pardon swan song talks about where her pop comes from.



An Affair to Remember, POV Magazine, April 1999

There are the flings that last about as long as a plane ride.  There are the flings that turn into the real thing.  Yet somewhere between the clouds and concrete reality lies the underrated world of the meaningful fling.



Sex with your Ex, New Woman, August 1996

Everyone has her own little name for it — “mercy sex,”  “transitional sex,” “the farewell fling” — but no matter what you  call it, it’s sex with an ex.